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Mark Rush Artists Bio:

I have been painting and drawing since my youth and studied Art at Chaffey College (AA) and UCR. When stationed in Germany with the Army, I had a great opportunity to visit the museums and galleries and see the masters of painting, sculpture and architecture in Munich and Paris and on subsequent visits to Florence and Venice the Renaissance Masters. Art is a predominant influence in my life and the creative process is inherent in me. Currently I’m a member of the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire, Pomona Valley Art Association and Chaffey Community Art Association. Since retiring I have been actively pursuing my interest in Art and have exhibited at museums and galleries as well as local art shows in the area.

I enjoy painting in watercolor, acrylic, as well as mixed media. My subject matter includes landscapes, architecture, figure studies, still lives and abstract expressionism. My influences include the California Impressionists and their landscape paintings that capture the color, light and essence of our local settings. I enjoy plien air painting and feel fortunate to be living here in Southern California, which offers vistas of mountains, deserts, oceans and a rich history of architecture. In the last several years I’ve been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and have been painting scenes I’ve scketched and photographed along the way. As a student, we visited Karl Benjamin’s studio in Claremont, and I developed an interest in hard edge geometric abstract painting. Ceramics and sculpture are other medias I enjoy with their three dimensional aspects.

For my compositions, there needs to be interesting subject matter that draws a viewer into it. To achieve that I use a combination of lines, forms, planes, perspective, color, texture, lighting and shading to create the illusion of perspective and depth. Overall the finished work should provide the observer with a feeling of being there and me sharing the experience with them. If interested in my work you can contact me at 909-996-2014 or e-mail: [email protected]


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